Let go of toxic energy

Part of getting healthy is letting go.  We hold onto thoughts, habits and relationships that don’t profit us.  It is like watching a reality tv show with people that you can stand but never miss an episode.  Why do we torture ourselves with toxic energy?

I want to be happy.  I want to be healthy.  I want love. I don’t want to be afraid.  I don’t want to be stressed.  I don’t want to hate.

When you know what you want.  You can then make choices towards reaching your desires.   I don’t workout because it is the right thing to do.  I workout because I want to and I love it.  I spend time with my children because I want to and it makes me happy.  If I worked out of obligation I would eventually hate it and I would be frustrated and stressed.

Let go of false expectations that you or people put on you.  When you know what you want.  You are empowered to receive it.  Don’t allow toxic thoughts or people to keep you from reaching your goals of being a healthy, happy you.

My journey today: Rest Day yay 🙂


I started Chalean Extreme Workout

I am in my third week of doing Chalean Extreme, created by Chalene Johnson.  The program is amazing.  You workout 5 days a week unlike Insanity Asylum and Insanity or P90x which you workout 6 days.  The workouts are about 35 minutes which is less than I am used to but you get a great burn.   Excited to see what the next phase has to offer.  I will let you know my progress. 

Tip for today

Be Consistent

Stay focused on your goals and priorities and through your consistence you will be where you desire to be.

“The race is not given to the swift or the strong but to the one that endures until the end.” 

My journey today: ChaLean Extreme Burn circuit 2, Rockin Body Hardcore Abs



At War with me!

Anyone that has made the commitment to change their lifestyle and take action towards having a more abundant life, knows how hard that decision is.  Every day I have a choice.  Either do what I have always done or do something new.  The war is within me. 

I have learned that once I make a decision and act on that choice.  The war is over.  There is no longer anything to fight over, the decision has already been made.  Now my mind, body and the world must deal with it. 

Stop fighting against what you truly desire.  Commit to pursuing your desire and before you know it.  You will be where you want to be.  You must choose what you want and don’t settle for anything less.  If you commit to running a marathon.  You are not committing to running 26 miles.  You are committing to running one mile 26 times.  Every step you take on your journey shows your determination to finish what you have started. 

As I stated, your commitment is good for one day.  Every day you must choose to commit again.  That this the beauty of life, it keeps moving forward.  No matter what you chose yesterday.  Today requires you to choose again. 

My journey today:  ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 1 

Have a great day!

Rest Days


I have learned the importance of rest days.  When I began seriously working out.  I was afraid of taking a day off.  My reasoning I felt to stay committed to working out that I needed to work out every day.  If I took a day off, I would not want to workout the next day.  The truth is, rest days have been vital to my phyiscal and mental health. 

The purpose of rest days is to allow your body to recover from the hard work you put it through all week.  Which enables you to be refreshed and workout with more energy in your coming workouts. 

When you have a rest day from workouts, try to rest your mind as well.  Even if you only rest your mind in the time you would have worked out.  The purpose is your physical health is connected to your mental health.  When your mind is at rest, your body is able to relax and fully recover.  When you make it a point to have at least one day to rest from your daily workload.  You will see how effective and energized you are in fulfilling your responsibilities. 

Have a great day!

My journey today:  P90X Legs & Back Workout, A bowl of Wheaties and I plan to do an Ab workout tonight. I hope 🙂