No more excuses, Be yourself

In our society we are conditioned to have an excuse for everything.  When you are in school and you are tardy, the teacher asks for an excuse.  No matter what you come up with, it does not make up the time you missed.  So why give an excuse?  I am realizing how important it is for me to accept my decisions and make no excuse for them.  If I make a mistake, I learn from it.  I don’t try to come up with an excuse to justify what I did. 

By accepting responsibility for my decisions, I have discovered how liberating my life has become mentally and phyiscally.  So before I workout, I make a choice to give up my fears and insecurities and push myself in the workout.  When it gets hard instead of making an excuse to quit, I think about how great I will feel when it is over.  After the workout I reward my mind and body with rest and food. 

Choices are powerful and when you begin to believe in your ability to make them you become mentally fit. Which enables you to push yourself in every aspect of your life.  You workout because you want to workout.  It is no longer an obligation it is what you want.  If you want something you go after it.  If you want fast food you go after it.  If you want to watch your favorite tv show you watch it.  When we stop blaming the world for how we are, we can learn to accept who we are.  We can then see where we want to grow and make the choices to do so. 

You have the ability to get in the best shape of your life mentally and physically, you just have to want to.  No more excuses.  Either you want it or you don’t.  Figure out what you want and don’t let anyone or anything stop you from receiving it.  Remember it is a journey.  Today you may want a donut.  Tomorrow you may want oatmeal.  Today you may workout hard.  Tomorrow you choose to not workout.  It is your journey there is no right or wrong way there is only your way.  Make no excuse for being who you are.  🙂

My journey today:  Insanity Max Recovery Workout, 2 pancakes and gatorade recovery drink and my wife is taking me out for lunch. 🙂 Have a great day!


My weight loss journey through Insanity, P90X and Insanity Asylum

It has been six months since my last blog.  In that time I has completed Insanity 60 day workout, P90X 90 day workout and Insanity Asylum 30 day workout.  I am currently doing a hybrid workout progam that includes Insanity and Insanity Asylum.  It is kicking my butt too.  The crazy thing about doing the workouts is how my body adjusted to them.  I would see great weight loss results in the first month of being a new program and then my weight would stay the same for the rest of the program.  At first I was frustrated because my expectations were I would be at my goal weight of 170 lbs by the end of the year but it seemed the harder I worked to get to the weight.  The more weight I would gain back. 

I started 2011 at 210 pounds before I started Insanity in June 2011 I was about 199 pounds.  The lowest I got in 60 days was 185 lbs but my the end of 60 days I was 190 lbs.  I loved Insanity for it was the hardest workout program I ever did.  It challenged me to go beyond my limits.  My only issue was there was no weight training so I turned to P90X. 

P90x is very hard and has great weight training workouts that I enjoyed.  I did not enjoy the cardio workouts as much for after doing Insanity it was too slow paced and boring.  My results at the end of P90x I was 182 lbs but after a week off the program I was 187 lbs.  This is when I decided to take my advice from a previous blog post and stop looking at the weight scale. lol. 

Now I am in the best shape of my life at 184 to 185 lbs.  I can see the transformation I have gone through physically and mentally over the past year.  No matter how I felt (sick, sore, unmotivated) I made a committment to stick to my workout programs and finish them and I did.  Now it apart of my life.  I don’t have to pump myself up to workout, I just get up and do it. 

My current program Insanity Asylum/Insanity Hybrid program is very challenging because many days I have two workouts with just a couple of rest days.  I look forward to share more of my journey with you. 

Advice:  Don’t jump into a workout program.  Take your time and discover what you can do that you will enjoy.  Zumba, dancing, running, weight training, walking, swimming, tennis, Beachbody dvd programs.  We are all different.  It is important that you do what you love for it will be easier to stay committed to something you love. 

My journey today:  Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo & Insanity Asylum Back to Core workouts.  Breakfast: Grits & Bacon 🙂 Mango fruit smoothie and water