Making progress

The last week I have been making minor adjustments to my food portion per meal.  The weekends are my biggest challenge for I can go overboard sometimes, but by changing the amount I consume.  I started seeing visual changes to my body.  Today I got on the weight scale and I am 5 pounds lighter than I was 2 weeks ago.  🙂  I am making progress.  With an increase of my physical activity and eating less I am starting to see the results I desire. 

My journey today:  30 minute extreme cardio workout (Bob Harper dvd)  I don’t like Bob lol.


Challenging myself


Recently I started to add heavier weights and more cardio to my workout plan.  I am starting to see it paying off.  I was getting bored with doing the same workout each week and my body was getting used to what I was doing.  So by adding weight and cardio I am really challenged to finish each workout.  Which I love.  I love a challenge.  My friend just gave me the Insanity Workout dvd program so I plan on adding it to my workout as well.  I am not going to exclusively do it though because I love what I am doing already.  I don’t know about you but I believe when you love what you do you get better results.

My journey today: one mile power & tone walk Denise Austin, 10 minute cardio workout Biggest Loser Dvd, 10 minute Ab workout Mel B Dvd

Totally fit Mel B GREAT WORKOUT DVD!

I got this workout dvd last week, not expecting too much from it.  I did the cardio which is 15 minutes long and by the end I was drenched in sweat.  I could not believe how effective the workout is.  Most dvds you don’t get a burn until after 20 minutes of working out but this one truly gets you sweating.   I did the advanced cardio the next day which is 20 minutes and again it really hurt by the end.  If you are looking for something to push you a little further than you are right now.  Get this dvd it is well work the $12 it cost. 

Check out Mel B’s website for more information also available at Totally Fit  at Amazon

my journey today:  15 minute one mile interval walk Denise Austin