Day 2 – Journey to the Best Me


Today woke up sore. ūüôā That is a good thing. ¬†With the workout in the morning and training with my boys at basketball practice. ¬†My legs got a great workout yesterday. ¬†Consistency is what I am looking for today. ¬†#NoQuit #BestMe

Go after your dreams and have fun doing it.


Journey to the Best Me – Day One #NoQuit #BestMe #teambeachbody


I have been going through the motions the last couple of months.  Meaning I have been working out but not fully engaged.  It is time to get back into shape.  Not just my body but my mind as well. Holding myself accountable for what I feed my body and soul.

I had a great workout this morning. To all those on the journey, lets take it one day at a time. ¬†Enjoy the journey. ūüôā

Day 10 of 30 day Bedtime Core Challenge

Day 10 of the 30 day Bedtime Core Challenge.¬† If you have started the challenge and missed a couple of days, don’t try to make them up.¬† Just focus on today’s challenge and move forward.¬† Realized the challenge is yours alone.¬† You have not…hing to prove to anyone else.¬† The important thing is to challenge yourself, to push pass your comfort zone.¬† Don’t limit yourself to the 50 crunches. If you can do more, do it.¬† If you can only do 10, celebrate it and do 15 next time.¬† The point is you start where you are.¬† Don’t quit, don’t look back at what you did not do.¬† Focus on what you can do now.
To those that have not started the challenge, your day one is today.  Go for it!30daybedtimecore