At War with me!

Anyone that has made the commitment to change their lifestyle and take action towards having a more abundant life, knows how hard that decision is.  Every day I have a choice.  Either do what I have always done or do something new.  The war is within me. 

I have learned that once I make a decision and act on that choice.  The war is over.  There is no longer anything to fight over, the decision has already been made.  Now my mind, body and the world must deal with it. 

Stop fighting against what you truly desire.  Commit to pursuing your desire and before you know it.  You will be where you want to be.  You must choose what you want and don’t settle for anything less.  If you commit to running a marathon.  You are not committing to running 26 miles.  You are committing to running one mile 26 times.  Every step you take on your journey shows your determination to finish what you have started. 

As I stated, your commitment is good for one day.  Every day you must choose to commit again.  That this the beauty of life, it keeps moving forward.  No matter what you chose yesterday.  Today requires you to choose again. 

My journey today:  ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 1 

Have a great day!


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