Day 10 of 30 day Bedtime Core Challenge

Day 10 of the 30 day Bedtime Core Challenge.  If you have started the challenge and missed a couple of days, don’t try to make them up.  Just focus on today’s challenge and move forward.  Realized the challenge is yours alone.  You have not…hing to prove to anyone else.  The important thing is to challenge yourself, to push pass your comfort zone.  Don’t limit yourself to the 50 crunches. If you can do more, do it.  If you can only do 10, celebrate it and do 15 next time.  The point is you start where you are.  Don’t quit, don’t look back at what you did not do.  Focus on what you can do now.
To those that have not started the challenge, your day one is today.  Go for it!30daybedtimecore