5 Minutes a Day – Total Body Workout

5 Minutes a Day Workout series

Total Body Workout (Equipment needed: hand weights, timer)

Before you start any workout, it is important to warm-up & stretch.


Jog in place (30 seconds) Jumping Jacks (30 seconds) 

5 minute Workout

Squats (30 seconds), tumblr_m0nmxhGWer1qcmrp8Squat pulses (20 seconds) fitness_squatpulse1Rest (10 seconds)

Push-ups (30 seconds), 1006-pushupHold High Plank Position (20 seconds), 113694-400x265-Yoga_plank_positionRest (10 seconds)

Crunches (30 seconds), ex_crunchesBicycle Crunches (20 seconds), bicycle-crunches-exercise2Rest (10 seconds)

Bicep Curls (30 seconds), bicep curlTricep Curls (20 seconds), tricepsRest (10 seconds)

Alternating Lunges (60 seconds) lunges


1 minute stretch


Have a great day.