Be a giver

I am on my better health journey and I am making progress.  One of the things I am working on now is to be a giver.  I want to be a giver more than a receiver.  You see it is easy to sit at a table and be waited on by someone else but it takes growth and humility to serve others. 

I can be selfish a lot of times.  I don’t think about what others may need or want that I have to give.  I believe that if I think of others as much as I think about myself, I will be happy by making someone else happy.  I believe that world needs more givers.  It needs more people loving with no hidden agenda.  I don’t think giving is asking to much.  Whatever I have (money, time, love, respect, wisdom, smile) I want to give away. 

When you give you lose nothing but gain everything. 

I need grace to help me with this.  There are times when I am afraid to share what I have with others but I am learning that I can only give what I have.  Have a great day. Smile!

My journey today: 25 minute full body workout, 15 minute yoga workout



The spring is around the corner and I am so excited to start enjoying the good weather.  I just want to be as active as possible outside.  Maybe I will do a couple of 5k walks.  I want to do something new.   It is time to step up my workout routine.  Not going to go overboard.  But just make gradual changes that fit me.     

My journey today: 25 minute full body workout, 1 mile walk outside 🙂

No more talking!

Sometimes we can talk ourselves into things but we also can talk ourselves out things as well.  There comes a time when you have to stop talking and start acting on all that you desire to be.  Words mean nothing without action to support it.  I can tell the world how great my plans are but they don’t care until they see results. 

If you watch Biggest Loser, after the contestants lose some weight the reaction of their friends and family is amazing.  They want to know how to change their life too, but they would have never listen to them if the contestant did not produce results. 

You see  you are on a journey.  The journey has many “ups” and “downs”.  We all like to embrace the “ups” and hide the “downs” but at the end of the day we must learn how to embrace both.  The point of being quiet is we learn best when our mouths are closed.  

Like a child on a long road trip your mind will say “are we there yet”  but you are not close to your destination.  You have a long way to go.  The best thing to do is not complain about the distance or how hard it is but rather be quiet and learn from your journey.  Along your actions to speak for you.  When you are tempted to whine shrug it off by working harder.  Don’t worry about what is happening around you, focus on what is changing inside of you.  You are worth it.  You will feel better by what you are doing than by what you are saying.  No more talking it is time to discover the better you. 🙂

My journey today: 2 mile walk/jog & 10 upper body workout

The Weight Scale is your friend!

Weight scales can be scary.  Especially if every time you get on it and it does not give you the number you want to see.  When you are trying to lose weight, it is discouraging to think you are making progress but the scale keeps telling you that you are not. It can push us to give up our efforts and throw in the towel.  Before you get on the scale you loved your progress but after the scale gives you a crazy number you are frustrated with your progress.  But really the weight scale is not judging your progress it is just reading your weight.  It does not determine how you feel; all the new energy you have now.  It does not factor the muscle you are building or the mental weight that has been lifted off your mind.

The truth is the weight scale is your friend.  Just like an older brother who beats his little brother in basketball over and over again.  The older brother’s days are numbered because he does not realize that the little brother is getting stronger and better each time.  Eventually the little brother is stronger and better than the older brother.  If it was not for the older brother the little brother would not have realized how strong he was and would have never pushed himself to get better.

The weight scale is the older brother.  It seems like you will never beat it but each time you get on the scale, you are getting stronger.  You are getting more determined to become the person you know you are.  Nothing can stop you.  Believe in yourself.  Weight loss is not easy because learning never is.  You have to go through the process of adversity to learn how to overcome it.  The process makes you a better person in the end.  Don’t be afraid of the weight scale.  Face it.  Know that each day you are getting stronger, healthier, happier you.

My journey today: 25 minute full body workout 🙂

Short on time? Here is a great workout dvd!

This dvd is great.  It allows you to create your own workout with there preset routines.  The best part each workout is about 5 minutes.  The worst part is in those 5 minutes you will really get a burn. 🙂 It also has a 20 minute full body workout that really kicks your butt.  Not every workout dvd gives you a great workout but this one does.  I know it is available at Target and online Amazon

My journey today: 20 minute full body workout (Self Dvd)

Brand New Car – Breaking unhealthy habits

When you want something new you have to go after it.  A lot times people talk about changing their lives but can’t seem to change anything because old habits are hard to break.  You are just one choice of away from taking back your power.    

If you have a new car you don’t allow anyone ride that have dirty feet or clothes.  You love your new car so much you don’t want anything to tarnish its beauty.  Today your body and mind is new. You look and feel great.   Ask yourself:

What do you want to put in your body and mind today?

What will keep you at your highest level?

Do you really want to weighed down but negative thoughts and foods that drain your energy?

You are the owner of your body.  It is your choice what rides with you and what fuel you put in the tank.  When you change your outlook that each day, each moment is new, you can then cherish your life and decisions before you.  Enjoy the ride! You are worth it. 🙂

My journey today: 25 minute lower body Taebo workout (Thanks Billie lol), 5 minute chest workout

Climbing the mountain

Beauty awaits you at the top of your mountain of “better health”.  No matter how long it takes, how hard the journey is; good things lie ahead.  The key is to keep moving forward.  You may slip on a “rock” once and awhile or maybe everyday but just keep moving forward.  Your journey is yours to experience and enjoy.  You determine your pace.  Don’t be so eager to get to the top of the mountain that you don’t learn the lessons on the way that will sustain you in your new life.  Don’t worry too much about results or devalue your progress because you see someone ahead of you.  Your journey can not be compared to anyone else.  You have things that you have to work out and some things you have to let go of before you reach the “better” you. 

So have fun! 

Enjoy yourself. 

Ask yourself what can I can I try new today to challenge myself? 

One thing you will realize on your journey is that the beauty at the top of your mountain can compare to the beauty you already possess in you. 🙂 Everytime you get a little frustrated about your progress (weight loss, mental burdens, self confidence, you can fill in the blank__________) tell yourself:

I am worth it.  I won’t give up.  I am moving forward.  I am changing. 

Don’t allow what you hear behind keeping you from moving towards what’s ahead of you.  Until next time.  Keep climbing, you are getting closer 🙂


My journey today: 15 minute lower body weight training, 15 minute Zumba “rapido” workout