10 Week Fitness Plan: Week 10 – 10 Minute Trainer Results

I completed my 10 week fitness plan.  I did 10 minute trainer last week.  I purposely placed 10 minute trainer at the end of the 10 weeks because though it is not easy it is only 10 minutes.  I used the week for recovery.  The hardest part of doing 10 minute trainer is you get spoiled by it.  Who wants to work out for an hour when you have a program that will get you a good burn in 10 minutes?  This week my goal is to rest and get ready for my next challenge.  I don’t know what I will start next but leaning towards the new Insanity Asylum volume 2 that I just bought.  Below are my overall results and want I did last week.

Monday: Total Body
Tuesday: Lower Body
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: Abs
Friday: Yoga Flex
Saturday: Total Body

Starting Measurements
Weight 197.8 Waist 34 1/2

Week 1 Insanity Workout Program Weight 195.6 Waist 34
Week 2 P90X Workout Program Weight 197.4 Waist 33 1/2
Week 3 TurboFire Workout Weight 194.2 Waist 33 1/2
Week 4 Supreme 90 Program Weight 191.2 Waist 33
Week 5 Tapout XT Program Weight 191.6 Waist 32 1/2
Week 6 ChaLEAN Extreme Weight 193.8 Waist 32 1/8
Week 7 Insanity Asylum Weight 193.4 Waist 32 5/8
Week 8 P90X2 Workout Weight 191.2 Waist 32 1/4
Week 9 Brazil Butt Lift Weight 191.8 Waist 32 1/8
Week 10 10 Minute Trainer Weight 191.2 Waist 31 7/8

Ending Measurements
Weight 191.2 Waist 31 7/8

After 10 weeks I lost 6.6 lbs and 2.6 inches off my waist.

Thank you for taking the journey with me.  Through all the ups and downs I really enjoyed the challenge of completing the plan.  I am happy with my results and know that I will only improve in the coming weeks.  My favorite programs that I did were Supreme 90 and Tapout XT, they are hard programs but they are fun.

Keep pushing toward the best you.

My journey today:  Insanity Asylum Volume 2 Agility Tutorial & X Trainer,  breakfast bowl of oatmeal

Have a great day!

10 Week Fitness Plan: ChaLEAN Extreme Results

Excited about this week, last week was rough.  I hit a wall mentally.  It is not that ChaLEAN Extreme is not a good program.  I just did not have my heart in it.  After doing Tapout XT I wanted more of a challenge.  If I were to redesigned my workout plan.  I would do ChaLEAN Extreme earlier in the plan.  Regardless of what happened last week.  I am committed to moving forward to becoming a better me this week.

Monday: Burn Circuit 1 & Push Circuit 2

Tuesday: Burn it off

Wednesday: Extreme ABs

Thursday: Burn Intervals

Friday: Ab Burner & Burn Circuit 2

Saturday: TurboFire HIIT 15

Sunday: Rest Day

Last Week Results Weight 191.6 (+.4) Waist 32 1/2 (-1/2)

This Week Results Weight 193.8 (+2.2) Waist 32 1/8 (-3/8)

This week I started Insanity asylum and I am up for the challenge.  I will push myself harder this week and embrace the results.

My journey today: Insanity asylum Vertical Plyo & grits and 3 strips of bacon.

Have a great day.

10 week fitness plan: Week 4 Supreme 90 results

Wow, what a week.  Supreme 90 is a great program that well worth its price.  The workouts are about 30 minutes long but you feel like you worked out for an hour.  There is a lot of resistance training, even in the cardio workouts weights are used.  This week I was sick and it made it hard to push through the workouts but I gave my all.  It is easy to use your circumstances as an excuse for why you don’t follow through with your plan but for me I am tired of making excuses for why I don’t finish what I start.  So during the week the sickness had to wait until after my workout to mess with me. lol.  With the help of my wife’s homemade vegetable soup I am feeling a lot better.  Here is what I did this week.

8 workouts in 6 days

Monday: Tabata Inferno

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Shoulders & Arms, Core Dynamics

Thursday: Total Body

Friday: Cardio Challenge

Saturday: Chest, Shoulders, Tris, Core Dynamics

Sunday: Rest Day

Last Week Results Weight 194.2 Waist 33 1/2 (same)

This Week Results Weight 191.2 (-3.0) Waist 33 (-1/2)

I am thankful for the progress I have made so far.  I can say that the past 4 weeks have taken a lot of discipline to not overeat and eat too many snacks.  This week I am starting Tapout XT.  This program is new to me but I look forward to really pushing through the workouts.

Thank you to all that are showing support in what I am doing.

My journey today:  Tapout XT Ripped Conditioning, a bowl of grits and grape juice.

10 week fitness plan: week 3 Turbofire results

Turbofire last week was fun and refreshing about doing P90x it was a nice change of pace.  I pushed hard in the workouts.  I also ate better this week not eating a lot of snacks.  What I need to work on this week getting more sleep.  I usually get about 5 to 6 hours of sleep want to get close to 7 this week.  I will keep you posted.  Here is what I did last week and my results

9 Workouts in 6 days

Monday: Fire 30 Class & Ab 10 class

Tuesday: HIIT 30 Class

Wednesday: Upper 20 Class & Lower 20 Class

Thursday: HIIT 15 Class

Friday: Sculpt 30 Class

Saturday: HIIT 20 Class & Core 20 Class

Last Week Results Weight 197.4 (+1.8)  Waist 33 1/2 (-1/2 in)

This Week Results Weight 194.2 (-3.2) Waist 33 1/2 (same)

I am happy with the progress I made this past week.  Hard work and self-control is starting to pay off.  This week I am starting Supreme 90.  It is a very challenging program but I know I am up for the challenge.  To all keep pushing towards greatness.

My journey today:  Supreme 90 Tabata Inferno, bowl of oatmeal and a donut 🙂