10 Week Fitness Plan: Week 9 – Brazil Butt Lift results

Brazil Butt Lift is one of the hardest workout programs I have done during this 10 week plan.  The reason is the workouts are non stop, you get no breaks.  Of course the instructor takes a lot of breaks lol.  I like it though.  I love being challenged and though I had assumptions that this program would not be too hard my assumptions went out the door after the first workout. Brazil Butt Lift is more than a butt workout lol.  It is a complete program that I believe it will get you the results you desire.  In my last week I am doing 10 minute trainer.  Almost done.  Below are my results and the workouts I did last week.

Monday: Bum Bum

Tuesday: Sculpt

Wednesday: High & Tight,  Tummy Tuck (one of the hardest ab workout I have done)

Thursday: Bum Bum Live

Friday: Tummy Tuck

Saturday: Sculpt

Sunday: Rest Day

Last Week Results Weight 191.2  Waist 32 1/4

This Week Results Weight 191.8 Waist 32 1/8

One thing that I have been working on the last week is being more discipline in what I eat.  I love sweets and not ashamed of it. But this past week I committed to not eating any of my usual snacks. (Candy bar, fiber one bar, granola bar, donuts, cookies, crackers) don’t judge me lol.  I did great this past week and my goal is to like sweets not love them. A couple of days I was irritable but now I feel empowered to know I can live without my little friends.  The closer you get to your ideal weight the more things you have to sacrifice to get there.  I just don’t want to be addicted to things that don’t help me get to where I want to be.  I also need to say that eating “healthy sweets” don’t work with me for I just eat more of them.  It is better for me to eat one donut than 2-3 healthy bars. I know myself, how I win is to not bring things into the house.  When I win in the grocery store I win at home.  I will not cut out sweets entirely because I don’t want to.  I think it is funny that people will tell you to not eat sweets but they can drink alcohol and soda.

Everybody is an expert on how you are suppose to live. Leave my sweets alone. lol.  Everyone has things they enjoy but it is great know it does not control you.   When you work hard you want to see progress and you have to make choices that benefit you.  Enough sharing.  Have a great week.  Keep pushing to be the best you.

My journey today: 10 minute trainer Total Body




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