10 week fitness plan: Week 8 – P90X2 results

Just 2 more weeks to go.  Last week I did P90x2 the first 3 days and Tapout XT for last 3 days.  This week I am going to step out of my comfort zone and do Brazilian Butt Lift.  I want to strengthen my lower body and it looks to be a great program to target that area.  After doing the first workout today I know I am in for a challenge.  This guy does not take breaks, you are constantly moving the entire workout.

I just want to take time to thank all those that are following and supporting me on my journey.  We are in this together and when I get weak and don’t want to finish the workouts it is good to know I am not in this alone.  Below are the workouts I did and my results


Monday: X2 Total Body, X2 Ab Ripper

Tuesday: X2 Core

Wednesday: X2 Balance & Power

Tapout XT

Thursday: Cardio XT

Friday: Legs & Back, Ultimate Abs XT

Saturday: Ripped Conditioning, 5 Minute Knockout

Sunday: Rest day

Last Week Results Weight 193.4 (-.4) Waist 32.63

This Week Results Weight 191.2 (-2.2) Waist 32.25 (-.38)

8 weeks ago I started at Weight 197.8 Waist 34 ½

I have lost 6.6 lbs and 2.25 inches off my waist

My goal is to lose 10 pounds and 3 inches off my waist.  Going to keep pushing for my goal.

My journey today: Brazilian Butt lift Bum Bum, grits and bacon.



2 thoughts on “10 week fitness plan: Week 8 – P90X2 results

  1. Your dedication is so awesome!! And what great results!! So cool man! And you’re right, it is so wonderful to know there are people going through the same things! Keep up the hard work:)

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