10 Week Fitness Plan: Week 7 Insanity Asylum results

Insanity Asylum is very intense and I learned a humbling lesson the first day.  What I wanted to do last week was double up every workout.  So I would do the workout in the morning and the same routine in the evening.  Well I was mid way through the second workout and my knee shut down on me.  There is a lot of jumping in Vertical Plyo and it is non stop, so I had to stop and ice my knee.  Doing Insanity Asylum once is good enough, my bright idea went out the window.  I have completed Insanity Asylum before but it was a year ago. Me and my sore knee would strongly advise completing Insanity and Insanity Asylum vol. 1 first before you start to double up the workouts.

One more thing I need to focus on the next 3 weeks is tightening up my meals and snacks.  I have a plan I just need to execute it better, especially on my rest day when my appetite can get crazy.

Here is the plan I followed last week and my results.

Monday: Vertical Plyo

Tuesday: Strength

Wednesday: Speed & Agility

Thursday: Relief

Friday: Back to Core

Saturday: GameDay & Overtime

Sunday: Rest Day

Last Week Results Weight 193.8  Waist 32 1/8

This Week Results Weight 193.4 (-.4) Waist 32 5/8 (+1/2)

This week I am doing P90X2 which I will focus on my resistance training and core training.  My plan is to incorporate a little Tapout XT to give me a little cardio to go along with the weight training.  I want to get close to 190 this week and I going to push to get there.

My journey today: P90x2 Total Body, bowl of grits & bacon.   Have a great day!


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