10 week fitness plan: Week 5 Tapout XT results

Tapout XT is a great workout program.  It is tough but the workouts are so engaging that you are done before you know it.  From the first workout to the last workout I was drenched in sweat.  The hardest part of doing Tapout XT is having to stop this week to do another program.  Below are the workouts I completed and my results.

10 workouts in 6 days

Monday  Ripped Conditioning

Tuesday Sprawl & Brawl, Competition Core

Wednesday Cardio XT

Thursday Strength and Force Upper

Friday Plyo XT, 5 Minute Knockout

Saturday Ultimate Abs XT, Buns & Guns XT, Ultimate Abs XT

Sunday  Rest Day

Last Week Results Weight 191.2 (-3.0) Waist 33 (-1/2)

This Week Results Weight 191.6 (+.4) Waist 32 1/2 (-1/2)

This week I started ChaLEAN EXTREME.  5 weeks complete, 5 to go!

My journey today: ChaLEAN EXTREME Burn Circuit 1, breakfast grits bacon and grape juice.

Have a great day.


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