10 week fitness plan:Week 2 P90X results

I completed week 2 of my 10 week plan.  P90x brings a different challenge than Insanity does for me.  It really takes patience to do the workouts.  With Insanity you are work so hard that time flies by but with P90x is long and focuses more on resistance training so time does not move fast enough.  I like the workouts but with so many breaks my challenge is fighting the urge from getting distracted.  Below are the workouts I completed and the results for the week.

Monday CardioX

Tuesday Shoulders & Arms

Wednesday KenpoX

Thursday Chest, Shoulders & Triceps ,  Tapout XT Power Strike

Friday Legs & Back

Saturday Ab ripperX, Tapout XT Muay Thai

Sunday Rest day

Last Week Results Weight 195.6  Waist 34 (-1/2 in)

This Week Results Weight 197.4 (+1.8)  Waist 33 1/2 (-1/2 in)

Well this week I started TurboFire.  I am going to push hard this week and stay discipline.

My journey today: TurboFire Fire 30, bowl of Life cereal.

Have a great week.



One thought on “10 week fitness plan:Week 2 P90X results

  1. I like reading about how people transform their bodies. I’m always looking around for videos on youtube for motivation. I’m glad I found someone that is doing this. Now I can follow your blog. 🙂

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