Forget tomorrow!!

I can talk a big game.  I can tell you I am going to work out harder than ever before.  I will eat all the “right” foods and go after my dreams of a healthy lifestyle and I will start it all tomorrow.

It feels great to have dreams and hopes for your life but what good are they if they always live in your tomorrow?  Today is all that matters.  What I do, what I eat, how I live today is what counts not tomorrow.

I choose to be happy today. I choose to be strong today.  I choose to be free today.  I choose to be me today.  No matter what happened yesterday or what is to come tomorrow.  I choose to live out my dreams and reach my goals today.

I can have dreams and goals for my future but to reach them I have to learn to focus on my present.  Something I have learned is one step leads to the next.  Each step gives me confidence in taking the next step.  So if you feel you need to lose 50 pounds don’t focus on 50 focus on losing 1 pound.  Before you know it you will reach 50 and beyond.  Celebrate your progress everyday.

My journey: 12 minute total body workout, breakfast a bowl of grits & glass of grape juice.



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