Be a giver

I am on my better health journey and I am making progress.  One of the things I am working on now is to be a giver.  I want to be a giver more than a receiver.  You see it is easy to sit at a table and be waited on by someone else but it takes growth and humility to serve others. 

I can be selfish a lot of times.  I don’t think about what others may need or want that I have to give.  I believe that if I think of others as much as I think about myself, I will be happy by making someone else happy.  I believe that world needs more givers.  It needs more people loving with no hidden agenda.  I don’t think giving is asking to much.  Whatever I have (money, time, love, respect, wisdom, smile) I want to give away. 

When you give you lose nothing but gain everything. 

I need grace to help me with this.  There are times when I am afraid to share what I have with others but I am learning that I can only give what I have.  Have a great day. Smile!

My journey today: 25 minute full body workout, 15 minute yoga workout


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