The Weight Scale is your friend!

Weight scales can be scary.  Especially if every time you get on it and it does not give you the number you want to see.  When you are trying to lose weight, it is discouraging to think you are making progress but the scale keeps telling you that you are not. It can push us to give up our efforts and throw in the towel.  Before you get on the scale you loved your progress but after the scale gives you a crazy number you are frustrated with your progress.  But really the weight scale is not judging your progress it is just reading your weight.  It does not determine how you feel; all the new energy you have now.  It does not factor the muscle you are building or the mental weight that has been lifted off your mind.

The truth is the weight scale is your friend.  Just like an older brother who beats his little brother in basketball over and over again.  The older brother’s days are numbered because he does not realize that the little brother is getting stronger and better each time.  Eventually the little brother is stronger and better than the older brother.  If it was not for the older brother the little brother would not have realized how strong he was and would have never pushed himself to get better.

The weight scale is the older brother.  It seems like you will never beat it but each time you get on the scale, you are getting stronger.  You are getting more determined to become the person you know you are.  Nothing can stop you.  Believe in yourself.  Weight loss is not easy because learning never is.  You have to go through the process of adversity to learn how to overcome it.  The process makes you a better person in the end.  Don’t be afraid of the weight scale.  Face it.  Know that each day you are getting stronger, healthier, happier you.

My journey today: 25 minute full body workout 🙂


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