Brand New Car – Breaking unhealthy habits

When you want something new you have to go after it.  A lot times people talk about changing their lives but can’t seem to change anything because old habits are hard to break.  You are just one choice of away from taking back your power.    

If you have a new car you don’t allow anyone ride that have dirty feet or clothes.  You love your new car so much you don’t want anything to tarnish its beauty.  Today your body and mind is new. You look and feel great.   Ask yourself:

What do you want to put in your body and mind today?

What will keep you at your highest level?

Do you really want to weighed down but negative thoughts and foods that drain your energy?

You are the owner of your body.  It is your choice what rides with you and what fuel you put in the tank.  When you change your outlook that each day, each moment is new, you can then cherish your life and decisions before you.  Enjoy the ride! You are worth it. 🙂

My journey today: 25 minute lower body Taebo workout (Thanks Billie lol), 5 minute chest workout


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