Climbing the mountain

Beauty awaits you at the top of your mountain of “better health”.  No matter how long it takes, how hard the journey is; good things lie ahead.  The key is to keep moving forward.  You may slip on a “rock” once and awhile or maybe everyday but just keep moving forward.  Your journey is yours to experience and enjoy.  You determine your pace.  Don’t be so eager to get to the top of the mountain that you don’t learn the lessons on the way that will sustain you in your new life.  Don’t worry too much about results or devalue your progress because you see someone ahead of you.  Your journey can not be compared to anyone else.  You have things that you have to work out and some things you have to let go of before you reach the “better” you. 

So have fun! 

Enjoy yourself. 

Ask yourself what can I can I try new today to challenge myself? 

One thing you will realize on your journey is that the beauty at the top of your mountain can compare to the beauty you already possess in you. 🙂 Everytime you get a little frustrated about your progress (weight loss, mental burdens, self confidence, you can fill in the blank__________) tell yourself:

I am worth it.  I won’t give up.  I am moving forward.  I am changing. 

Don’t allow what you hear behind keeping you from moving towards what’s ahead of you.  Until next time.  Keep climbing, you are getting closer 🙂


My journey today: 15 minute lower body weight training, 15 minute Zumba “rapido” workout


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